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Current phase of politics

In all our fields,we have restrictions regarding age limit,work experience,etc. but why not in politics.Do we have any control in politics.We can make rules for any of the industry whether it be teaching,sports,gov. service.But why not for politics.Politics is the most powerful weapon for any country if used properly.It depends on the people who are handling it.We have rules in our country but they are not followed properly.It doesnt matter whether the crime is serious or not,its punishment should be seriously given.I think our country needs fresh minds,fresh thoughts and enthusiastic practical leaders who knows that there are 10 million people in the country like them only.A new direction to politics is required.

The most beautiful sight of the moon laying its light on the bed of water.

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Well Moon Lit Night on a Full Moonday is a great way to enjoy Tranquility,especially if you live near a Beach like the Elliotts  Beach of Besant Nagar..

Oh!The Moon!
How did they get the name

Caught between

 the Sun and the Moon

the Earthly Worms,
Get Entangled

Sandy Storms!
Oh!The Moon!!

LUnatic is the word they have attributed to this phenomena..

So it is all the more important to kep yourself cool on such a day..Take a walk..Enjoythe Sands..Scream a bit and allow the Brain to freeze every frame you see!

Thats what I did on this Snow Moon(They call it Snow Moon in USA and Wolf Moon in January and Strawberry Moon in June and so on!)


If Two Moons on the same month,like in August12,

they call it Blue Moon which occurs once in 33 Months!

But Moon is a Moon wherever it might…

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